Meaning of 🚘 Oncoming Automobile

🚘Oncoming Automobile or Car emoji is the picture of the upcoming vehicle of the blue color. It is used in the posts related to driving and drivers — often, it appears in the messages about someone’s car (especially, if it is of the same color), someone’s driving achievements (like getting the driver’s license or winning the race), and someone’s intentions to travel somewhere by car. So, there is nothing strange in the fact that Yazeed Al-Rajhi, who is the famous Arabian rally driver, chose this emoji as the icon of his official Snapchat account. Oncoming 🚗 Automobile emoji the picture of the personal vehicle facing forward — of red, blue, orange, or white color, depending on the platform. Just like another picture devoted to this type of transport — i.e. 🚗 Automobile emoji — it is used in any context related to cars and roads. It may serve as an illustration of someone’s car and as a symbol of heavy road traffic in the big cities..

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